Vocal Sampling Cambio De Tiempo

Tiempo The concept of Vocal Sampling is six guys from Cuba who create a full band sound a cappella. Two words come to mind: Bobby McFerrin. McFerrin has a major albatross around his neck for life thanks to the song that dares not speak its name. Prior to that pop phenomenon, he was regarded as one of the most creative improvisers in jazz and an inspiration to a new style of a cappella singing. Vocal Sampling extends those innovations into a range of Latin styles. The opening tune, "Un Son Pa Cantar," is ever so eager to please, full of drum sounds and horn shots imitated to perfection. It's a showy little tune that would get an audience on their feet while sending others into diabetic shock from the sweetness of their approach. Nevertheless, even curmudgeons would have to acknowledge the band's talent and range as they progress from son to cumbia to a hilarious rendition of "Also Sprach Zarathustra." Their arrangements are always on point, as they capture the driving force of all the rhythms they sample. Even their refashioning of the overly familiar "Guantanamera" is successful, due to their great care with arrangements and improvising. This record would not be complete without some careful recording and mixing. Let's big up Jon Fausty, an unsung hero who has engineered a huge range of Latin music since the '70s, who makes sure the technical end is expertly realised (Universal)