Virna Lindt Shiver Play/Record

It might not have been the most influential ’80s record label but the Compact Organisation was one of those curious labels that put equal stock in both style and substance. It was obsessed with the glamour of the ’50s and presented sophisticated pop music with a sense of humour, something that was obvious with its roster of artists that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Their first signing, Virna Lindt, an icy blonde Swede, was just a little ahead of her time. That’s something that becomes obvious when listening to these albums, which are both more than 20 years old yet don’t sound dated at all. 1993’s Shiver has the more satisfying songs, even if it’s a little on the patchy side. Kicking off with the spectacular "Attention Stockholm,” it barely takes a misstep, as long as it is sticks with the ’60s spy pastiche theme. 1995’s Play/Record is a much more rounded album of orchestral pop, with Lindt’s breathy vocals helping to ensure that there’s still a healthy dose of kitsch. (LTM)