VIRE "Control You" (video) / "Human Contact"

VIRE 'Control You' (video) / 'Human Contact'
Phil Wilson makes up one half of the Toronto rock duo Mad Ones, but he also has a solo project called VIRE, which has just unleashed a new two-song single.

The single begins with "Control You," which is a raw electronic track that pairs aggressive electronic beats with circuit-fried tones and technology-oriented spoken samples. "Human Contact" employs a similarly jarring sonic palette while being slightly more straightforward and melodic in its danceable urgency.

Hear the songs below, along with a performance video for "Control You," which shows us Wilson triggering effects on a sample pad while holding down the beat.

VIRE's promotional materials describe the project like this: "Canadian dystopian dance music on the verge of eroding into digital noise, also known as VIRE. Now imagine this chaos coming from a single musician, a live drummer playing all the beats and triggering all the samples in real time, surrounded by sweaty moving bodies. Long live the new flesh."

VIRE - Control You (live off the floor) from VIRE on Vimeo.