Violet Archers The End of Part One

Master pop craftsman Tim Vesely steps out from the Rheostatics to deliver the catchy melodies he’s known for. The architect behind the Rheos’ biggest singles ("Claire,” "Bad Time to be Poor”), Vesely’s gifted enough to send his thoughtful lyrics into the air with cheery music hot on its tail. Quiet and unassuming, Vesely modestly writes amazing songs that often steal the spotlight from his domineering partners in the Rheostatics. It’s a real treat to hear Vesely venture into solo territory with the Violet Archers. From the lethargic, slow-build of "Co-ordinates” to the dark, Crazy Horse vibe of "All the Good” and peppy charge of "Life and Then,” The End of Part One is an eclectic affair. The sparse folk of "Simple” flows pleasantly after the hopeful tone of "Saved Me,” and Vesely makes such transitions seamless. Rather than forcing erratic musical twists and turns, Vesely is keen to let his songs develop naturally. The songs here are too interesting to be straight per se, but are free of the idiosyncrasies his musical day job is known for. Instead, we get a classic album of understated pop music from one of the best writers around. (Northern Electric)