Violent Storm Storm Warning

In order to take the guesswork out of what type of metal Violent Storm perform, one need only read the roster of talent involved. Created by bassist/G3 participant Mick Cervion, produced by Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing and with guests Yngwie Malmsteen and Roy Z., Storm Warning is an endless assault of fret board pyrotechnics. Still, it’s surprising how appealing the tracks are despite their digital callisthenics. Instead of being solely concerned with making the front row wank away on their air guitars, Cervion has written a collection of European-influenced melodic metal that conveniently packs the wallop of Helloween and Iron Maiden while utilising the technical mastery of his virtuosic company. For the majority of the album, one is equally impressed with the performances (as well as the clarity of Downing’s first production foray outside of Priest) and how perfectly it fits the harmonious, catchy numbers that stop well short of the laughable operatic nonsense most of Violent Storm’s contemporaries embrace. Storm Warning is one of the few moments where a prodigy proves that much better by holding back on the reins while still unleashing a decimating performance. (Gold Storm/Fusion III) (Gold Storm/Fusion III)