Vinyl Record Worth $3,300 Discovered for $3 in British Charity Shop

Vinyl Record Worth $3,300 Discovered for $3 in British Charity Shop
Image via Oxfam
Here's a valuable reminder that you should always check how much your vinyl records are worth online before selling it — volunteers at a British charity shop just discovered that a record they were selling for £1.99 (around $3 CAD) was actually worth £2,000 (or $3,300 CAD).

The Oxfam shop in Thornbury, England, recently started listing its vinyl record collection online. In doing so, the store discovered that Music for Viola and Cello, a release from classical cellist Jacqueline Du Pré, was worth one thousand times more than its listed price.

According to the Express, shop volunteer Lois Linter shouted "Gold dust! Gold dust!" upon discovering the record's worth online. Gail Whitehead, the shop's manager, added, "When Lois told me that the record was worth £2,000, I was gobsmacked. But to be perfectly honest, I must say I didn't know who Jacqueline Du Pre was."

Adding of Du Pre, Whitehead added, "Since finding out how much it was worth, I have looked her up and she sounds like a fascinating lady. I think the record had been on the shelf for quite a while, quite a few months in fact, so it was all down to the fact we have started this new system that we were able to discover the record."

She added that she wishes she knew who donated the record to the shop so she could thank them, though we have a feeling they regret giving up that Discogs gold.