Vintage Slayer Riot Uncovered

Vintage Slayer Riot Uncovered
As you can plainly see, Slayer fans are insane. And now thanks to, you can see just how scary these fans can get at a Slayer concert. Well, more like could get, considering the footage is 19 years old. Not that I was insinuating Slayer fans have lost their edge. They are still very much insane. I'll let them do the talking...

"It was the summer of 1988, and Slayer were in the midst of their World Sacrifice Tour in support of their latest release, South of Heaven. On the 31st of August, the tour came to New York City’s Felt Forum, the small theater adjacent to Madison Square Garden—and mayhem ensued.

Toward the end of the main set, during 'Ghosts of War,' the overly enthusiastic crowd began tearing up seat cushions and hurling them in all directions, many of them reaching the stage. As the danger level escalated, the band made a quick retreat to the backstage area. The seat cushions continued flying throughout the arena, and after a few minutes frontman Tom Araya came out and gave the crowd a piece of his mind.

'You guys came here to have a good time, and you’re blowin’ it, big time! Why don’t you give us a break? We can probably never play here again.'

Immediately following Araya’s rant, the band launched into the final song of the night, 'ngel of Death,' while continuing to dodge the dangerous projectiles.

This following bootleg video shows all of Araya’s tongue lashing as well as 'Angel of Death.' And Slayer never did play the Felt Forum again."