Viktor Krauss Far From Enough

As the brother of bluegrass diva Alison Krauss, one might expect Viktor Krauss to follow a similar traditional path. But while he has called upon some of the best musicians — from both the bluegrass field and elsewhere — to lend a hand for this solo debut, Krauss definitely had a different vision in mind when he crafted these 12 pieces. As an in-demand bassist for the likes of Lyle Lovett and Elvis Costello, Krauss has a background in genre-hopping. Here, with the capable help of guitarist Bill Frisell, drummer Steve Jordan, and dobro master Jerry Douglas, he presents a wide range of instrumental moods, from the bluesy opener "For A Good Time,” to the dreamy "Overcast,” and the hard-driving "Tended.” He even pays tribute to his mainstream rock roots with a surprisingly haunting cover of Robert Plant’s solo hit "Big Log,” featuring a vocal appearance from Alison. But aside from that novelty, the real appeal is the stunning musicianship from everyone involved, particularly the interplay between Frisell and Douglas. They constantly seem to read each other’s minds, tearing loose and pulling back at just the right moments. In essence, it is the sound of master musicians at the height of their powers, and an album that will linger long after the first listen. (Nonesuch)