Viking Crown Innocence From Hell

Members of legendary underground thrash band Necrophagia and, uh, Pantera get together and make some bastard black metal offspring here, which comes off sounding like a rough demo CD-R, songs fading in and out, "songs" all being hodgepodges of evil goo that sort of drip out of your speakers and onto your floor. I can barely tell any instrument from the next, but from what I can identify, the drumming is boring, the vocals are boring and black metal fans the world over will probably love it, because any black metal band I find boring (all of them, spare Emperor, for bringing in non-black metal elements, and Cradle of Filth, for being entertaining as heck and having a sense of humour), black metal kids eat up. But if you ask me, this disc epitomises the whole mess that is the black metal genre - anti-social, messily played, emotionally barren and amazingly listener-unfriendly. I just don't get it, and don't want to. (Necropolis)