Victoria, BC's House of Commons Get Reissued by UK Punk Zine

Victoria, BC's House of Commons Get Reissued by UK Punk Zine
If you've ever spent the afternoon browsing Punk History Canada, you know that our fair nation possesses a deep well of legendary, classic punk, much of which has never been heard by the modern music fan. Thankfully, we live in an age of reissues, and more of these gems are seeing the light of day.

Take, for example, House of Commons. The Victoria, BC-based hardcore punk band existed briefly in the early '80s before sputtering out, and their music was criminally under-appreciated. That's where UK punk fanzine Artcore makes good on some past wrong. With the latest issue of their long-running zine, they've released a 14-track CD that features everything the band ever recorded, including seven demo tracks.

The disc is also enhanced, and if you throw it into your computer, you can check out a 20-minute documentary on the band, two music videos, seven live videos and two news segments. Along with their other material, the zine itself also includes an in-depth biography of the band.

Artcore #26 is available now. For ordering info, check here.

Thanks to Punknews for the tip.

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