Vice To Bring King Khan's What Is?! To North America in April

Vice To Bring King Khan's <i>What Is?!</i> To North America in April
The release of King Khan and the Shrines' fantastic greatest hits compilation, The Supreme Genius Of..., was certainly a highlight of 2008. It was so good that we're brimming with anticipation for something new from the large group. Instead, we'll be treated to a North American release of their 2007 smash What Is?!.

The album was previously only available in Europe via the Hazelwood label but Vice Records will be bringing it to us on April 21. As you can see by the tracklisting, the album shares a lot of the same tracks as the Supreme comp but a new release is still better than nothing.

What Is?! tracklisting:

1 "(How Can I Keep You) Outta Harms Way"
2 "I Wanna Be a Girl"
3 "Welfare Bread"
4 "Land of the Freak"
5 "I See Lights"
6 "69 Faces of Love"
7 "No Regrets"
8 "Cosmic Serenade"
9 "Le Fils Du Jaques Dutronc"
10 "Let Me Holler"
11 "In Your Grave"
12 "Take a Little Bit"
13 "Fear & Love"
14 "The Ballad of Lady Godiva"