The Vermicious Knid / The Sourkeys The Vermicious Knid / The Sourkeys

Limited to 500 beautiful clear-blue copies and available only at shows or online through Busy Bodies’ website, this fantastic split seven-inch from two of Southern Ontario’s brightest post-hardcore lights is well-worth the effort to pick up. The Sourkeys’ "We, the Suckers” is as infectious and aggressive as any of their work on debut full-length, a biting combination of guitar riffs cribbed from Fugazi, and vocals that shift on a dime from atonal to sickly sweet. The Vermicious Knid, whose days are sadly at an end, bring the emotionally draining rock in the form of "The Problem’s In My Muscles,” a massive step forward from their AntiAntenna EP of only three years ago. Guaranteed to be one of those bands whose work only gains proper appreciation years after their break-up, their contribution makes ordering this split a damn good idea. (Busy Bodies)