Various Underground Hip-Hop Volume 2

Urbnet Records is building a pretty good stable of Canadian artists and releases, and they’re putting their Underground Hip-Hop series to good use by spotlighting a number of artists signed to, and associated with, the label. The highlight is once again Classified’s country-fried "Just the Way It Is,” featuring Eternia, Maestro and DL Incognito. It’s possibly the best song in the Urbnet catalogue, but it’s also likely the most readily available elsewhere. More exciting is the return of new signing Mathematik with an exclusive "Was Is Will.” Almost as good are Shadez with a creeping beat from Murr of Da Grassroots for their "Man Enough” challenge, and the manic "Puzzle Piece Unfitted” from Anonymous Twist, Urbnet’s most under-rated talent. "Iron Funk” from Louwop featuring Embassy also deserves mention thanks to some great vocoder action, sound effects and smooth vocals, as does Tru-Paz’s reggae-rap hybrid "Rude Boy.” There are also appearances from Marvel, Point Blank, Mood Ruff, Divo and more. Underground Hip-Hop Volume 2 is definitely a good place to start investigating the label. (Urbnet)