Various This Is Bad Taste Vol. 5

I always thought I hated Danko Jones, but after ten seconds of "Play The Blue,” I realised Danko Jones is a God. More than a third of this Swedish label’s bands are Canadian, and here, Bad Taste offers a solid mix of some fairly eclectic tunes. From the blistering rock and fuckin’ roll of Mr. Jones, we are presented with the middle-of-the-road emo of fellow Canucks Four Square. Sweden’s Logh offer up one of the best track, "The Contractor and the Assassin, from their new album The Raging Sun. Langhorns, All Systems Go, Satanic Surfers, and others are all featured as well, with each band contributing a song from their current album, as well as a past one. While there is no denying the strength of each one of these entries, one can’t help but notice that every track here has been released before on each artist’s own album. As a result, this comp is all but useless to anyone already acquainted with the Bad Taste roster. However, for anyone not familiar with the music being released by these Swedish bad boys, this is one label sampler well-worth picking up. Even if you think you hate Danko Jones. Trust me. You don’t. (Bad Taste)