Various Third World Cop

Legend has it that Chris Blackwell gave Bob Marley 4000 pounds to record Catch A Fire, his first album for Island. Despite the small sum, Marley & co. finished the album in short order and the rest is history. I'm sure Blackwell had to pony up a considerable amount more money to finance Third World Cop. In some respects, this new production of Blackwell's Palm Pictures is already a success - the movie has been a huge hit in Jamaica and has secured world-wide distribution. Big-budget soundtracks, though, have a tendency to suck hard no matter what genre they're in and Third World Cop doesn't beat the odds. Beenie Man's hijacking of Kool & the Gang's "Jungle Boogie" is terrible. Let's not even talk about Luciano's remake of "Police and Thieves" as a clumsy house mix. Of course, the Marley offspring must make an appearance, with their remake of Ini Kamoze's "Call the Police." Why is it that despite the presence of Sly & Robbie, who produced the original version, the remake is so bad? There are some good tracks on this soundtrack and all of them are previously established hits from producers not attached to this project. If you haven't heard Lady G's "Man a Bad Man," you're missing the best yet re-incorporation of drum & bass influences back into dancehall. But there are a million other ways to purchase this song (Palm Pictures)