Various Team Kitty-Yo

Celebrating a decade of releasing some of the most diverse music in the world, Kitty-Yo Records have assembled a selection of tracks from their catalogue to best represent the cream of their crop. Instead of resorting to the same old greatest hits package though, the Berlin-based label has gathered exclusive and unreleased tracks from new and established artists. Disc one is a preview of what’s to come in 2005, with offerings from sweet balladeer Maximilian Hecker (the heart wrenching "Help Me”) and crooning electro-lounge lizard Taylor Savvy to the funky glitch-hop of both Litwinenko and Gold Chains with Sue Cie. Disc two contains songs Kitty-Yo felt necessary to include — some older ones that were neglected and some that just never found a proper release. Included are "Hot Pink Hot Sex,” the pervy, electro duet by Peaches and Gonzales that revels in Canadiana; Tarwater’s stunningly sleep-deprived "Doppelgänger”; and Rechenzentrum’s bubbling slice of ambient techno ("Planet Janet”). Any fan of the German label will find this to be a more than satisfying collection, while newcomers will find this to be a great starting point in discovering Kitty-Yo’s distinct and eclectic flair for music. (Kitty Yo)