Various Superrappin' The Album: Vol. II

A couple of years ago the first Superrappin' compilation from this German-based label put many North American projects of the same ilk to shame. In the interim, they've treated us to a slew of twelve-inch releases and added the veterans like Phife Dawg and Biz Markie and new artists such as Declaime and Grand Agent to their label. No wonder then that a cursory look over the track listing for this second volume has corralled many luminaries from independent hip-hop. As with the first volume, there is a notable Canadian presence. Thrust, with the help of the on-point production of the nefarious one, MC Collizhun, kicks things off with "Amazing" and Montreal's Obscure Disorder, with moody Dave 1 production and sugar cuts courtesy of champion DJ A-Trak, contribute "Last Call Pt. 2" to open the second half. This double album could have been better if on many of the tracks there was more variety and a bit more quality control used to pare down the number of selections, but as it stands there's plenty of material to keep you interested. J-Live, who is finally about to officially release his long delayed and widely bootlegged The Best Part, shows what all the fuss is about with another tightly woven narrative, "Ships Pass." If you tune out to the relatively weak moments, like Royal Flush's disappointing and lazy "I Gotta Have It Again," there are many strong contributions from the up and coming Maspyke ("Truth In Position"), Gauge ("Break Through") and Pete Rock teaming up with Grand Agent ("This Is What They Meant"). Once you focus on worthwhile material like this the jewels in this worthwhile collection really come to the forefront. (Groove Attack)