Various State of the Union

Welcome to the Union, the fruit of the merger between Canadian ska label Stomp Records and punk label 2112. As you'd expect, this is a comprehensive overview of label members, a "best of Montreal and friends" kinda thing. We got yer Planet Smashers hit, "Life of the Party," and the Kingpins' "Just One Day," we got yer Men O' Steel's "Enjoy the Ride" and Shades of Culture's "A Little Bit About Us" and a whole lot of other stuff, both good and frankly, not so good, but on the whole a very tasty sampler. Also making an appearance are offerings from Union bastard child Tyrant Records, with the Gruesomes, the Datsons and the Undercovers laying down, for our listening pleasure, some decidedly choice tunes ("Stop It Girl," "I Am the Eye" and "Imitation," respectively). Bands to watch for and whose albums you may very well get turned on to based purely on the strength of the songs listed on this comp: the Accessibles and Jah Cutta and the Determination Band. (Union)