Various Sonic Mook Experiment 2: Future Rock & Roll

Sean McClusky's Sonic Mook Experiment is now two for two. After releasing an excellent compilation last year, Sonic Mook has matched and even bettered that. The compilation gives a sense of what McClusky has been playing recently during his club nights. Basically, Future Rock & Roll is simply the sound of right now. Included are the ones that everyone knows, like the Hives' dictating anthem "Hate To Say I Told You So" and Clinic's driving force "Walking With Thee"; the ones everyone is getting to know, like Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Bang," Electrelane's "I Want To Be The President" and Liars' "Grown Men Don't Just Fall In The River Like That"; and the obscure ones that may never be heard from on these shores, like Überwensch's painful "Please Don't Touch" and Whitey's fist-pumping "Why You Have To Be Me." Many up and coming bands are featured, which is half of the purpose. Billy Childish's the Buff Medways contribute a soon-to-be garage classic with "Troubled Mind," while the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster bleed all over the heavy "Morning Has Broken" and the Beatings cop the Jesus Lizard's brand of intensity on "Jailhouse." If you like the rock'n'roll, this compilation has your name written all over it. (Mute)