Various Shite ‘n' Onions Volume 1

Apparently Celtic punk rock is the next electroclash. At least, thinks so, and they put out this comp to prove it. While punk rock can be a stifling enough genre to create original music in, limiting yourself specifically to Celtic punk rock might seem a bit like boxing oneself into a pretty tight artistic corner. It’s a pleasant surprise, then, that this collection of songs by 15 Celtic punk rock bands from three continents is as much fun as it is. Canada’s own the Mahones get things rolling nicely, and despite the absence of any Murphys, Mollys, or McKenzies, each band on this collection holds their own, demonstrating not only punk rock energy, but an actual understanding of what it is that makes Irish folk music so appealing and relevant today. With significant nods towards the genres biggest names, as well as old schoolers the Pogues, Shite ‘n’ Onions is the reason to get excited about tin whistles and bagpipes you’ve been looking for. (Omnium)