Various Run it Red

Perhaps the world will remember Mick Hucknall more fondly for his patronage than his music. He wisely applied the proceeds from Simply Red's considerable record sales into setting up Blood and Fire. As his founder’s privilege, Hucknall gets to compile 20 of his favourite cuts from the now ten-year-old enterprise. This collection is not dissimilar to The Rough Guide to Dub, in which Steve Barrow, another crucial part of the Blood and Fire operation, drew from the same catalogue. None of Hucknall’s selections are particularly rare or esoteric, yet this disc keeps getting repeat play. A good DJ can make familiar songs sound so much better with the proper mix, and that's what's happening here. Is this disc worth buying? If you're already a Blood and Fire fan, chances are there will be some duplication with your collection. But as an introduction to the label, and a better than average compilation, it's well worth investigating. (Blood and Fire)