Various Rope Ladder 12

The highly anticipated Rope Ladder 12 is finally available and worth the wait. Mush has gathered together a fine collection of some of the best of the artistic, experimental underground hip-hop scene, including Aesop Rock, Dose One, Slug, Radioinactive and Pedestrian, among others. With that much talent the compilation should be awesome, but instead it's just a solid release. There are no real standout cuts that make this a timeless album. The closest connections to the classics are the tracks from Aesop Rock ("The Active Element") and Radioinactive ("Launch Padlock Smith"). With that being said, Rope Ladder 12 is still a good addition to any collection, and for those who are not sure if they are up for the challenge of the new underground, this would be a good place to begin the journey. Rope Ladder 12 just happens to be that first stone aimed at the leader of the pack. Now, let's all sit back and watch those other worlds collapse. (Mush)