Various The Real Deal

Bomb Hip-Hop, home to the revolutionary Return of the DJ series, has released a poignant plea for hip-hop independents with their newest compilation, The Real Deal. The concept of the compilation is re-enforced through a large number of interludes decrying the greed and mechanics of the major labels, getting plenty of use out of the already over-exposed Industry Rule #4080 ("The record industry is shady,” in case you hadn't heard). Over 15 vocal tracks, two turntablist tracks and 12 interludes, the lesson is taught. But with so many preachy interludes, the album has a tendency to become long and tedious, especially when the songs touch on these topics in a much more interesting way. The two turntable tracks, DJ JS-1's "Industry Rule #4080” and DJ Shortfuse's "The Rule,” break down the concept of the album rather succinctly. J-Zone, one of the biggest names on the compilation, plays the baller with his humorous "Q&A” track, while lesser-knowns like Bas-1 & Fanatik ("Instant Rap Star”), Azeem ("Rubber Glue”), and Regenerated Headpiece ("War Cry”) receive some well-deserved exposure. There's some Canadian content thanks to Swollen Members ("Take It Back”), and an unnecessary but interesting cover of Biz Markie's "Vapors” from Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf. Worth a listen, but skip the interludes and let the music speak for itself. (Bomb Hip-Hop)