Various Punk Rock Mix Tape 2006

A joint release from Fastmusic and Punkradiocast, this compilation brings together a whack of great bands whose records you probably already own. Kicking things off with the Descendents’ "Nothing With You,” the disc goes on to feature well-knowns like Against Me!, who contribute "Problems” from Searching for a Former Clarity, and independents like Junior Achiever, whose "Underrated” is the comp’s only unreleased track. While the compilation is cheap, tracks by bands like Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream and the Aquabats are all readily available on each band’s most recent record, and generally, those records are solid enough to be worth owning on their own. If, however, you’ve got only a passing interest in the involved parties and have a few bucks to spend, this comp is certainly worthwhile. Punkradiocast have done a lot of great things for the dissemination of great music in the last few years, and this compilation, while not terribly interesting for anyone familiar with the bands involved, is yet another example of the great work they’re doing. (Egg)