Various Peg City Skank 2 – All You Can Eat

Ska’s not dead; it just moved to Winnipeg in order to avoid the Godspeed! guys in Montreal. Featuring some great tunes from the likes of the Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra, JFK & the Conspirators and the Brat Attack, the sounds here range from very white ska to very dub ska, with pretty much every base covered in between. The Afterbeat’s "Billy Van” begins like an ode to the Misfits before descending into horn-blasting madness, while the catchy "Love Song” by the female-fronted Ten Too Many is one of more poppy tracks on this disc. With some great songs and some varied sounds, Peg City Skank 2 is enough to make you rethink all those mean things you’ve been saying about ska. (Bacteria Buffet)