Various Peanuts & Corn: Factory Seconds

To start, it must be noted that Factory Seconds is not a compilation of throwaway tracks, rather it is a collection of songs Peanuts & Corn mastermind mcenroe couldn't wait to release. All of the P&C regulars (John Smith, Pip Skid, mcenroe, Fermented Reptile and the Frek Sho fellas) make appearances, while a few others, like Josh Martinez and Your Brother in My Backpack, contribute high quality tracks that intermingle flawlessly with the hot Peanuts & Corn shit. Mcenroe makes his mark on Factory Seconds with what he does best: production. Since The Ethics EP, mcenroe's beats have continued to improve at an alarming rate, until there's no denying that mcenroe deserves to be ranked amongst the upper echelon of Canadian beat combers. The music for Pip Skid's "I Can't Front" and "Peg Leg City," with Yy, along with Gruf the Druid's "Druidry" and "Brink of Control" bring banging drums and laid-back instruments to the predominant subject matter of social politics and wack MCs. Still, mcenroe doesn't hog all the glory, with Gordski contributing a hype beat for Pip Skid's "Cheap Tuesdays," and the Gumshoe Strut drops three beats for his own "Sister to a Mother," a remixing of "Legos," from Yy and the Gumshoe Strut's Milch & Allegro cassette, and "Copsoup," from his group, Your Brother In My Backpack. But after all is said and done, this compilation really belongs to Pip Skid, who comes off the strongest on tracks like "I Can't Front," Raggedy Anne" and "Cheap Tuesdays," as well as "Peg Leg City," possibly the best track on the compilation. There are a few lows, but as far as compilations go, Factory Seconds passes inspection. Plus, it's made me anxious for Gruf the Druid's debut solo outing, coming soon. (Peanuts & Corn)