Various Out of Sound Records Compilation

Guelph-based music collective Out of Sound looks to independentt documentarians from the late ’80s and early ’90s for inspiration and it seems that some of the artists on their latest compilation have done the same. Taking cues from labels like Dischord and K, Out of Sound conducts the admirable task of collecting the work of busy and emerging musicians from around Canada and offers them equal billing on one record. While folks like Forest City Lovers, Richard Laviolette and Hot Kid offer up some wonderful previously available tracks, there are many unfamiliar names here and their contributions make this an eclectic affair. "Your Outline” by Guelph’s Ha is infused with the same spirit that guided the Cancon folk rock boom that bred the Northern Pikes. On the other hand, Halifax’s Down With the Butterfly channel the indie punk of Archers of Loaf on "Two Stories.” "Six” is a dreamy does of math-y, instro-rock by Guelph’s Proeliis Fere, who seem inspired by Burn Rome in a Dream. Halifax’s the Memories Attack channel an early Patrick Pentland-penned Sloan song with the hazy grunge of "Murmur.” Hillsburgh’s Discount Orchestra offer the plaintive folk/country of "The Longest Day,” while Vancouver’s Lowfalls write the poppy theme song for a non-existent TV show called "The Daily Life.” With 20 songs from emerging artists, this comp is somewhat uneven but it’s a commendable effort by Out of Sound. (Out of Sound)