Various Out of Sound 14

The tireless efforts of Out of Sound Records have yielded grand reciprocity, as their latest comp boasts their most impressive array of talent yet. The Guelph-based collective is somewhat mysterious, only really emerging to release multi-artist collections drawing from communities across Canada. The comps admirably connect well-established and emerging artists while presenting impressive, previously unreleased songs. Richard Laviolette’s star continues to rise and "No Sunlight Airtight” is a gem. Rick White Album lets loose with the frenetic folk of "Navigate,” while instrumental combo Burrows dive headlong into "Misconception.” Hot Kid roar through "Tossing and Turning,” the Great Lake Swimmers tackle a Gram Parsons tune live and Evan Gordon pretty much steals the show with "Dream of You.” With strong contributions from Baby Eagle, Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy and Shotgun Jimmie to boot, this record is simply a must-have. (Out of Sound)