Various OFFF 03: Who Is Your Superhero?

OFFF, or the Online Flash Film Festival, is an annual event that aims to be the best in experimental audio and unusual video. Now in its third year, it attracts more than 200 people from all over the world and this double CD acts as a sampler of what is on offer at the festival. The first disc, Experimental Audio, features 18 tracks; most of which are previously unreleased. Unfortunately the majority of them sound like leftovers rather than A-list material and there’s a whole bunch of meandering ambient pieces that could hardly be described as essential listening. There are a few stand outs, including The Rip Off Artist’s "Squishy” and Fibla’s "Tilthere,” but most are pretty forgettable. The second disc, Unusual Video, has a bunch of different Quicktime and Flash projects, ranging from strange little cartoons to experimental films. All very interesting, but nothing that can’t be found on the internet on a daily basis. OFFF 3: Who Is Your Superhero? is probably a really neat souvenir for those who actually attended the festival, or if you personally know one of the people involved. But to everybody else it is nothing more than a curious little compilation that is far from indispensable. (Red Musical)