Various The Music Of Artisanship & War

While the majority of Maritime Canada is assumedly good natured and relaxed, there’s something brewing underneath the surface if the 17 acts here are any indication. A blend of black, thrash and death metal offered by the likes of Terratomb, Hellacaust, Gallactus, the Orchid’s Curse and more, these bands and songs are relentlessly furious to the point of aural tyranny. Nary a track on this premiere volume of muscular East coast monstrosities has a fault, which proves the ability of some of the country’s lesser-known purveyors of blast beats and meticulous hyperactive riffing. However, it also points out that they are disgustingly unacknowledged in a greater context. It only goes to show that we’ve been paying too much attention to jam bands and fiddle music while the undercurrent of disenchanted longhairs have blown the lid off their respective genre, or are about to. (Diminished Fifth)