Various The Mighty Striker Shoots At Hits

As one of the top reggae producers from the ’60s to the ’80s, Bunny Lee was responsible for a lot of music. There is no comprehensive collection of all his work, although given the timeframe that may well be impossible. Fortunately, the mighty Moll-Selekta label has pulled together some of his greatest recordings of the ’70s and remastered them with truer-than-life quality. These songs may well sound better here than they did back in the recording studio. Starting off with the sweet, Impressions-like "Jamaica” by Honey Boy, we’re in deeply pop territory. But pop from this period in Jamaica meant sublime, soulful vocals played by the best studio bands in the island’s history. At least a few of these songs will be known by the average fan, with two tracks being the basis of dubs on Blood and Fire’s well known King Tubby collection, Dub Gone Crazy. This is a righteous showcase of the assembly line of rhythm cutting, voicing and dub mixing that Lee had perfected during the ’70s. (Moll-Selekta)