Various Love, Peace and Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music

What images do the words "Turkish Nuggets” conjure up? Some lateral thinking by a McDonalds focus group? An unappetising candy bar? The correct answer is a Turkish version of the renowned psych compilation of the late ’60s. This is the ninth volume in the Love Peace and Poetry series from Normal Records, which has previously covered psych from Japan, Latin America, Africa and more. This is one world music disc that has great crossover potential — psychedelic drug consumption has a way of breaking down language barriers. Plus, this music hardly sounds foreign at all: the universal psych-isms of fuzzed out guitars, wailing vocals and phasers set to stun are all present. All tracks would fit well into a "Psychedelic Sunday” format. Check Mazhar ve Fuat’s "Sur Efem Atini”: it sounds like a hit from the first five seconds in, and its beat is counted out by a cowbell! The mellotron bump to Cem Karaca’s "Tatli Dillim” is an interesting counterpoint to its Eastern intervals. Selda’s two tracks feature her blues-soaked wailing through rinsed with electric saz, whose sound resembles a 12-string guitar. There are a few forays into different pop languages: Beatlesque Brazilian MPB is a not so distant relative to Bulent Ortacgil’s "Sen Varsin,” while the disc’s closer, "Gitmek Düstü Bana,” by Erkut Tackin is the heaviest track Blood Sweat & Tears never recorded. This disc is guaranteed to get a party started — a party with lots of couches to crash on... (Normal)