Various Little Darla Has A Treat For You, V. 25

Various It’s hard to believe that Darla’s compilation series Little Darla Has A Treat For You has reached its silver anniversary, but here is volume 25 and she’s looking all grown up. In the early days, it functioned simply as a sampler for the label and the other companies they distributed, whereas lately it has become a showcase for everything Darla, with the focus on exclusive tracks that are unavailable elsewhere. The 25th instalment of the series doesn’t mess with a very successful format because ultimately, it all comes down to the music, and there’s the usual mix of styles on display, spread over two separate CDs. Highlights include the welcome return of California Oranges, Ulrich Schnauss remixing Mahogany and Sprites performing "Pac-Man Fever,” but it is all going to come down to personal tastes. There is plenty on offer for everyone though. (Darla, Michael Edwards (Darla)