Various The Hope I Hide Inside: The Emo Diaries – Chapter 10

Say what you will about Deep Elm and emo. Yet there is no denying that over the past eight years, The Emo Diaries has emerged as one of the strongest compilation series to sprout from the wide arena of punk-derived genres. This, the final chapter in the series, functions on exactly the same level as the past nine releases; an international assemblage of (mostly) unknown bands, playing to various degrees of definitions of the style known as "emo.” While the tag has become a black mark in the past few years, Deep Elm has always stuck by it, refusing to let go of the moniker simply because it has become unpopular. The bands here seem unafraid to embrace it, as well. My Name Is Nobody, hailing from Jerusalem, offer up one of the strongest tracks on the CD, a meld of modern hardcore and old-school emo, à la Rites of Spring. Other bands who set themselves apart on this comp are the bizarrely poppy Lukestar, from Oslo, and the lo-fi rock of Latitude Blue, from Wilts, England. There are certainly low points here, as there are with any comp, but the highlights generally make the listening experience worthwhile. A fitting end to what has been an interesting and successful voyage, The Hope I Hide Inside marks the end of emo’s reign at Deep Elm. (Deep Elm)