Various Hellfest Vol. III

Looking for a visual documentation of how much of a self-parody the hardcore scene became as of 2003? Look no further. On this double-disc set one can see piles of bands asserting their individuality by dressing the same, wearing the same eyeliner and stealing the same Maiden riffs/Casio keyboard licks. Through all the bullshit, a few sincere bands shine through blindingly: Lamb of God, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Terror, Thursday, the Bouncing SoulsÂ… there are a lot of good bands on here, but they're sandwiched between so much trendy bullshit that it's painful to even attempt to sift through it all. I mean, is it worth having to watch My Chemical Romance for even a split second in order to get to Death Threat? And watching those goons do their silly kickboxing dance in the pit? Man, this is some embarrassing stuff. Some funny interviews round out this lengthy, value-packed package. (High Roller,