Various Halifamous.Compilation

In order to help promote Halifax hip-hop, has stepped up with a free compilation (download at ) that unfortunately omits a number of respected and important artists, as well as lacking a cohesive sound thanks to the variety of styles, nuisances likely encountered whenever trying to encompass a whole scene in under 80 minutes. Plus, there’s the problem of varying sound quality from song to song, a problem that could have been solved with simple mastering. It’s not surprising that the best moments are by the seasoned veterans of Halifax’s underground scene: Universal Soul, Classified, the Goods, Tachichi and Josh Martinez. But the rookies shouldn’t be ignored. Quake and Litterbug both show young talent at work on their respective verses for "One Hand” and "The Start of It,” while Mic Boyd seems destined to follow in brother Classified’s footsteps on their duet "Same Ol’ Commotion.” Jay Bizzy demonstrates tough guy mic skills over a rocking Classified beat on "Here We Are,” Ghettosocks adds a touch of humour with "Koala Laundry,” and the Sound and the Fury’s "Gum Flappers” questions rappers who have turned their back on struggling underground artists once they’ve made it. As a cross-section of what’s going on with hip-hop in Halifax, Halifamous.Compilation is a success, but thankfully it’s downloadable, giving over the power of quality control to the individual hands of you, the listener. (Halifamous)