Various Global Turntables

With turntablists sprouting from all corners of the globe, it's good to see a compilation pointing the spotlight on other regions other than the Bay area. With contributions from ten countries, including Canada, Italy and South Korea, you would think that the flow of this record would be a little varied, but surprisingly everything gels as well as it would had this been a strictly North American venture. Proof that this art form is hitting all over the world is when the X-ecutioner's Rob Swift's track can run alongside DJ Graft from Norway and DJ Raw from New Zealand and never miss a step. Some of the more gratifying tracks come from Australia and the UK, with DJ Bonez taking a deep and mesmerising route with his beats and cuts on "A Different Drummer" and England's DJ Marvel chopping at a furious rate on "Fastest DJ Pt. II." But the real excitement lies in another British turntablist by the name of DJ Yoda, who takes a Kid Koala approach to cutting up tracks with odd vocal samples and more experimental adventures. Sadly, he's left with only two 50-second appetisers, but has enough to make you want to seek out more of what this "turntable Jedi" has to offer. (Hip-Hop Slam)