Various Global Metal Soundtrack

As expected, this sonic accompaniment to Banger Productions’ latest feature film is a bold endeavour that unites some of the most impressive underground Western metal with scene notables such as Sepultura, Lamb of God, Mastodon and In Flames. The end result is an interesting mixed-tape experience where a few metal head favourites such as "Inner Self” and "Crystal Skull” share space with everything from melodic, progressive metal from China (Tang Dynasty) to brutal Indian death metal (Demonic Resurrection) and more. Overall, these 18 tracks from as many bands may range in quality from decent to excellent but when allowing the actual music to embed in the grey matter, one must give credit to Banger Productions for unearthing some otherwise unattainable gems. In fact, after multiple listens, the heavyweights begin to take a backseat to the uproarious, hungrier acts. (Universal)