Various Gearhead Records Smash Up Derby

For a lot of the world Gearhead magazine defined the whole "hot rod punk rock and roll revolution" back in the ’90s championing bands like the Supersuckers and Rocket from the Crypt. Well, this bunch of grease-crazed garage freaks started a record label not so long ago and have also managed to put on rock fests worldwide, and some could argue that the Swedish Gearfest festival turned a lot of ears on to the retro-rock sounds coming out of there way before a lot of mainstream press was even aware of it all. That brings us to the new Smash Up Derby compilation featuring all the bands that Gearhead is currently working with. You got some good old American punk rock with the New Bomb Turks as well as lots of Swedes, like Puffball, Mensen, the Hellacopters and the Hives. Also featured are some tracks from the seven-inch that came with the Gearhead mag, like the Donnas cover of the Sweet’s "Wig Wam Bam" and a cool live version of the Flaming Sideburns "Testify.” Rounding it all out is fun packaging featuring the old Smash Up Derby game graphics and the audio from the old ad for it staring things off. (Gearhead)