Various G Spots

Jonny Trunk continues his mission to explore the best library music in the world on the new collection, G Spots. The Studio G production house was active from the '60s to the '80s under the aegis of John Gale. Having first achieved some prominence with a series of singles aimed at the mod sounds of Swinging London, the label made its name by issuing twelve-release volumes of music intended for children's, horror, drama and pop usage. These tracks have loads of personality, where other library music can be anonymous by definition. The avant-garde rhythm created by a cycling Moog filter is the basis of the creepy, yet sample-ready, "Voodootronics." Other tracks prefigure Shawn Lee's entire output on Ubiquity, such as the funky and spacey "Cosmic Blues." Few of these 26 tracks extend more than two minutes but so much sonic variety is displayed throughout. Despite its intentions to provide dark sounds for dark moments, the music's relationship to so much contemporary electronica is obvious. This might actually make a good party disc after some heavy alcohol abuse. (Trunk)