Various First String Teenage High: The Songs Of Tullycraft Played By People Who Aren't

It would appear that Tullycraft have had a greater influence on the music industry than anybody ever expected. Enough for 24 bands to get together and show their love of the North American kings of twee. This is a tribute album that sounds exactly how you’d expect. It sounds like a bunch of bands who obviously like Tullycraft a lot, singing Tullycraft songs. Or to put it another way, expect a bunch of lo-fi bands who value their thrift store Casio keyboards and second hand four-track recorders that they inevitably keep in their bedrooms. While there are some familiar names (such as Boyracer), the majority of the bands are of the lesser known variety and they provide most of the highlights. The best songs stay pretty close to the original such as Murder Beach’s "8 Great Ways” but there are a few brave bands who try something a little more adventurous like Saltine Crack Whores’ acoustic version of "Wild Bikini.” And for the most part, they all succeed, too. There’s nothing particularly exciting about First String Teenage High, and it probably won’t win Tullycraft any new fans. It is, however, a really fun record that will appeal to a certain group of people. And considering that it is limited to 500 copies, that should probably be just enough to go round. (Bumblebear)