Various Embedded Joints

Embedded sets the expectations high with banging beats on the first three tracks. On opener "Check My Willz," guest Aceyalone gets busy over a slick, flowing beat that demonstrates why Acey is the Freestyle Fellowship favourite. "You Know Me" is a rough, simple song with tough bragging and wordplay from Stronghold's Self Index. And Atom's Family's Vast Aire, Jest, Hangar 18 and Cryptic guest on a similar beat for the first formidable posse cut, "Adversity Struck." Tes's "Bare With Me," arguably the best track on Embedded Joints, keeps up the momentum. His next two tracks — "Main St." and "Parade of Broken Hearts" — continues with Tes's catchy, nasal flow, but the beats mellow out the vibe. Not For Nothin' contribute three boring, derivative hip-hop tracks that the compilation would have been better off without. Thankfully, Babbletron bring the hype back somewhat. Their third (and best) contribution, "Future Shock," sets up the coup-de-grace, a one-two sucker punch of posse cuts with "Communification" featuring L.I.F.E. Long, Zion I and Breez Evahflowin', and "Sphere" featuring Vast, Breez, Lo Deck and Tes. A lot of talent here with only a few lows; too bad the quality level couldn't be maintained throughout. (Embedded)