Various Electric Gypsyland

Having rampaged through various parts of Asia, Africa and the Arabic world, Six Degrees have happened upon some of the most polyrhythmic music that Europe has to offer thanks to their association with veteran world music label Crammed Discs. Roma music is a hybrid to start with, which makes it a good fit for mix-and-match DJ culture. Between the percussion patterns and flattened brass riffs, there are multiple launching pads for the remixers, who twist these rhythms into everything from drum & bass to samba, dancehall and soukous. The most original approaches are taken by Señor Coconut, who develops such a convincing norteno groove from "Usti Usti Baba" that one expects Flaco Jimenez to jump in on accordion. Juryman rides a stringed instrument riff (maybe a mandolin?) into deep dub jazz territory, easily the smokiest track on the comp. Arto Lindsay and Melvin Gibbs bring New York's harmolodic disco circa 1981 to "Mugur Mugurel.” DJ Dolores explores the Brazilian/gypsy connection in "Dumbala Dumba” with a whiff of bhangra feeling. This well sequenced collection gets better with each play, with the personality of each mix shining through. (Six Degrees)