Various The DFA Remixes: Chapter Two

Following up the first volume that came at us earlier this year, this second offering from James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy is quite simply a an additional collection of different songs. The key word is "collection,” as the production team are simply compiling these for people who just want to own these remixes (flow is of no importance). Their song selection is always strong, and Chapter Two again proves why these guys are so in-demand. Rarely do they miss when adding their signature, which these days is becoming more and more undistinguishable as they take on more commercial clients. For example, the industrial kick of Nine Inch Nails’ "Hand That Feeds” is surgically removed for a full-on electro funk fest, featuring the beefiest, most hypnotic beats Trent Reznor could ever hope for. Meanwhile, taking on lighter-hearted acts like Hot Chip and Junior Senior give them more room to experiment with folly, something they obviously enjoy. Unfortunately, despite its big bounce, N*E*R*D’s "She Wants to Move” kills the buzz. A song that even DFA couldn’t save, it’s a shame they included it on a record with one of their best remixes to date: UNKLE’s "In a State.” Of course, as an album, it’s positively too weighty to withstand on a regular basis, with three tracks entering the double digits terrain, but something tells me appreciating this collection as a proper album was never their intention. (DFA)