Various The DFA Remixes: Chapter One

For the past five years, the DFA crew have been the undisputable go-to guys for remixes that will enhance a song, whether the original is in need of improvement or not. Artists are handpicked by the taste-making ears of James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy, a process that has seen them reject some of pop and dance music’s biggest stars. Yet, the magic isn’t in which artists they choose, but how they choose to reinterpret the songs. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of remixes designed to make a song radio friendly, à la Fatboy Slim, best put your wallets away right now. Murphy and Goldsworthy have carved a distinct niche in modern dance music — one that lives and dies by the "extended remix.” Taking their cue from the twelve-inch mix haven that was mid-’70s disco, the duo work each track till it reaches its fullest potential. For the Chemical Brothers, they wisp a nine and a half minute version of "The Boxer” away to a euphoric Balearic beat paradise, transforming Tim Burgess’ soft vocals into a tranquil tour guide. Soulwax’s "Another Excuse” is given another life different from Nite Versions, slathering it up in classic electro and layers of hypnotic rhythms. Radio 4’s "Dance to the Underground” revisits the lesson DFA taught in disco punk, while Gorillaz’s "D.A.R.E” is given a marathon status running past 12 minutes that strips the original of its idiocy. Though most tracks aren’t exactly fresh to DFA groupies, it’s considerate of the duo to package them up into a nice collection for the fans without a vinyl fetish. (DFA)