Various Definitive Jux Presents III

Even though the purpose of Definitive Jux Presents III is to introduce the fans to their second-stringers, it suffers from those appearances. Things start off poorly with an intro that is two minutes too long, and way too condescending, especially since it’s pretty much preaching to the converted. Aesop Rock impresses with both lyrics and production. His "No Jumper Cables Remix,” redone by paWL, stays just this side of electro, and his production on new track "All in All” makes it easier to decipher his lyrics. He also gives up a funky banger for "You’re Dead to Me,” which Murs does up nicely with some braggadocio. RJD2’s "Clean Living” is a beautiful instrumental that might just be the compilation’s best track but it sounds out of place amongst the rest of the songs, while Rob Sonic’s "Dylsexia,” is a dance floor blazer for the future b-boy that fits in as much as it stands out. In the end, the best part of this compilation package is a second DVD disc of videos from the Def Jux catalogue. Although the label could do with some better synchronisation of vocals to the video, you get Aesop’s Wildstyle-biting "No Jumper Cables Remix,” El-P’s confusingly creepy "Deep Space 9mm,” his classic, animated "Stepfather Factory,” and a few others. It’s all about the DVD. (Definitive Jux)