Various Creative Musicians 2

When Egon’s superlative funk comp Cold Heat dropped earlier this year, it didn’t seem like anyone could surpass it. With Creative Essentials 2 Jazzanova’s Florian Keller has matched that achievement, albeit in his own style. Whereas Egon focused on super hard funk with stone cold hip-hop breaks, Keller’s brand of funk is jazzier. Certain tracks on this collection could almost pass for Jazzanova’s complex catchiness. Another difference between the two comps is that CM2 is paced like a DJ mix, with short tracks cutting hard into one another. Highlights abound. On the furious side, contributions by Jimmy Lynch, and Bo Baral’s freaky version of "Light My Fire” and the Eddie Bo produced stormer "I’m A Carpenter” set the pace. Sweetness comes from Bobby Wayne’s bass groover "You’re Blowing My Mind” and the proto-Leroy Burgess sounding Energetics. There are several idiosyncratic masterpieces too, like the cautionary "I Had A Friend” provided by Family Affair, complete with electric violin solo, and Joe Marcinkievicz’s "Tomorrow’s Time.” Summer’s almost over, so buying this will pace your final full month of glorious sunshine. (Perfect Toy)