Various Confuzed Disco

Though it may not have made waves outside of its native land, Italian Records was a trailblazing label that helped fashion the Italo disco movement and expose burgeoning artists struggling to find exposure. Confuzed Disco compiles 13 of the sub-genre’s finest examples by artists as unfamiliar as Answering Service, Stupid Set and Fawzia. Listening back to these sounds that were almost too groundbreaking for their own good is a wonderful and timely revelation. Showering disco’s blueprint with traces of electro, funk, R&B and proto-house, and a blanket of dark, robotic futurism, these left-field Euro anthems on display here are what revival-hungry fiends’ dreams are made of. To show just how relevant this collection is by today’s standards, a second disc featuring some of Europe’s most creative producers is included to provide an updated version for this era of Italy’s late ’70s/early ’80s club culture. Munk, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas and Morgan Geist, among others, add their stylistic visions to many of the first disc’s cuts, which works as a nice addition, but none of these updates surpass the passion and vitality of the originals. Confuzed Disco is a shit-hot collection of lost classics that will satisfy any avant-dance hound looking for something unique to test a dance floor. (Perch)