Various Cold Heat

There are hundreds if not thousands of funk compilations in existence. One would think that ’70s American funk would be a finite resource, but a select few compilations can still pull out some goodies and this is one of them. Most funk compilations coming out these days seem to be exercises in crate digging rather than uplifting, danceable experiences. Once again, Stones Throw’s Egon proves his abilities as a compiler, a DJ and as a true connoisseur of undiscovered classics with the successor volume to the much-heralded Funky 16 Corners. The pace of this compilation creeps up just perfectly and it’s also enhanced by Egon’s re-edits. Sometimes he’ll start a selection with its instrumental b-side before cutting to the vocal, or an instrumental break inserted within a song. These extend the grooves just where they need to be, increasing the tempo to fast and jazzy by about 40 minutes in. Gradually the CD decelerates to end with the definitive "Sad Chicken,” a Meters-go-psych classic. Cold Heat is a well done disc, and a great listening and dancing experience. Put this on your summer shopping list. (Now Again)