Various Colapsus

With Colapsus, Sound-Ink has released a compilation of instrumental and vocal tracks with mixed results. This has less to do with the collapsing of genres in upon themselves by recombining hip-hop sounds with electro, techno and jungle than it does with the number of lengthy instrumentals that made the cut. The productions are not bad, but there is a tendency on this compilation for the instrumental tracks to be much too long and, in the end, boring. In fact, of the six instrumental tracks the only one able to be ranked among the vocal tracks is U.N.I.'s "Swamp Thing." Timeblind's "Desperado Move" and Mutamassik's "Gulf Rock Mix" are both good enough to be interesting almost to the end. However, what really makes Colapsus a must-own CD are the vocal tracks. MF Doom and Kurious rock hard over a fist-pumping King Honey production, making "Monday Night at Fluid" not only the best song on the compilation by far but also one of the best recent tracks from Doom and Kurious. M. Sayyid's "Good Friday" is exactly the goodness you would expect from the Anti-Pop Consortium camp. And if that's not enough, Creature is impressive over Heat Sensor's spacy dub-hop beat for "Human Error," and on "Ataraxis," Divine Styler drops some spoken word spiritual space rhymes over a John Tejada beat that is the compilation's one foray into techno, proving once again that Divine is still ahead of the pack. Also, King Honey provides another great beat for Mental to get crazy on, with opening track "Motions," but Suphala's beat for "Do It Again" is wasted with Torture providing nothing but the intro. Sure Colapsus drags at times, but it has some of the best songs to appear on a compilation in a long time, and for that reason it is a must-have in your collection. (Sound-Ink)